See the Just before &Immediately after Pics: Did Kendall Jenner Have a Nose Occupation?Absolutely sure Looks Like It!

Don't get us incorrect, it really is clear Kendall Jenner is a stunning woman — there is a reason why she will get paid to seem hot in pictures, right after all. But we have observed the reality star's pretty very little face has changed fairly a bit because 2010. Sure, we all expand up, adjust, go by way of puberty, and so on. 

but our noses do not. So, did Kendall Jenner get a nose occupation or what? Nicely, we know how considerably the Kardashian household adore to modify up their appears — and then firmly deny executing so — which is why we reached out to Dr. Alessi of the Alessi Institutes and the Encounter Forward foundation to get a expert view. "The reduce lateral cartilage outline in the tip can be noticed clearly and appears to have been decreased in the photo on the right.


The nasal bridge seems to be smaller sized," Dr. Alessi, who has by no means taken care of Kendall, said. "This is a lot more than 1 would anticipate with just makeup and smiling." And to believe all this time we have been focusing on Kylie Jenner's ever-modifying appears. Preserve up with Kendall Jenner in the pages of Existence & Fashion by subscribing now.