Bethenny Frankel Shares Awesome Throwback Photograph With Kim Kardashian: See How They've Changed


Back in the day! Bethenny Frankel posted a throwback photo with none other than Kim Kardashian on Thursday, March 2. Whoops! See the 6 Most Questionable Seems of the Week Khloe K. and Kylie Hit With Adore-Triangle Declare on 'Hollywood Medium' 6 Key Existence Events Taylor Swift's Following Album Need to Cover Actual Housewives of New York City star dug up the previous snap to share with her one.two million followers and only captioned it: “Guess who @kimkardsahian #tbt.” Each ladies are sporting black cocktail dresses and jet-black hairdos, and even though they are obviously recognizable, they’ve vastly modified their looks since the photograph was taken. Frankel did not divulge the date of the pic, but 1 follower commented: “I’m guessing five-8 years in the past?” 

Kardashian, 36, has altered her appearance with the assist of hair, makeup and some slight additional long lasting modifications in current many years too. She’s admitted to Botox injections and getting her wispy “baby hairs” eliminated all around her hairline. Frankel, 46, who is sporting a shorter hairdo today, has admitted her face “completely changed” due to Botox in her jaw. She puts her appreciably smaller jawline down to the jabs that she had to stop grinding her teeth. “I had my jaw injected with Botox mainly because I have TMJ,” she stated when asked if she had gone under the knife throughout an visual appeal on View What Occurs Dwell in September 2016. “If you look at pics of me in all probability, like, seven years in the past it is steadily gotten smaller to the point exactly where I had to stop and now it really hurts once again.”


Verify out the video above to see how Kardashian’s encounter has changed.



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