Kim Kardashian’s Stern Warning To Kylie Jenner: Marrying Tyga Would Be A ‘Mistake’


Kim ran off to Las Vegas and got married to Damon Thomas when she was just 19, so she knows specifically what Kylie is going by means of! 

Kim and Damon had been divorced 3 many years later, on accounts that he reportedly abused her, each verbally and physically. As Kylie continues to get a lot more significant with Tyga, Kim would possibly never forgive herself if she didn’t at least WARN her baby sister about marrying so young. But like all teenagers, Kylie is not precisely willing to pay attention. “Kylie is stubborn,” continues the source. “On the one particular hand, she respects Kim and her guidance, but on the other, she needs to be totally free to make her own alternatives.”


As for the big diamond ring on her finger, the LipKit creator insists it is just “promise ring,” which nevertheless suggests she and the “Gucci Snakes” rapper are contemplating of marriage immediately after two years of dating!



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