How significantly does North West's new Louis Vuitton bag expense?


So, how do you like the information that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West daughter – North West has got the bag from the throughout the world renowned designer Louis Vuitton – how substantially do you assume it cost? 

The cost of this mini bowler-fashion masterpiece is $one thousand. Rather amazing, isn’t it? Let’s recall you who this woman actually is. As you know, she was born on June 16 in 2013 in Los Angeles. She is viewed as to be the first child of this fashionable couple – rapper Kanye West and Television star Kim Kardashian. Everyone believed that her name will also commence with letter – K, not to spoil the tradition, the mothers and fathers have picked yet another one particular – North. Rather chic bag for a three-year outdated style star, is not it? North West seems to be even far more trendy than a variety of Hollywood stars. Looks actually amazing! These days the full household spends time in New York at the New York Style Week. In spite of the fact that she is only 3 years previous, she looked not worse than other celebrities and their youngsters.


Not long ago her popular mother even published the photo of her daughter in Spapchat and called the photograph – Ghost North.


She mentioned that her daughter is mastering how to get rid of paparazzi and conceal the encounter and figure. So, smaller star put on a white sand to cover her entire body and face from view. She is following her mother’s footsteps – seems interesting!



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