McDonald's responds to Kanye West's poem about its French fries


Kanye West penned a poem about McDonald’s in Frank Ocean’s new magazine, Boys Really don't Cry. indicating “them French fries search very good tho.” 

Mickey Dee’s is, of course, lovin’ it. The quick food giant responded to West’s ode Monday afternoon. “We’re lovin’ the adore for McDonald’s Planet Popular French Fries and Apple Pies,” the company explained in a statement posted to Twitter. (West also named the apple pie “smooth.”) Nonetheless, McDonald’s took problem with West’s slight of the McRib, which he dubbed “artificial.” “Like the beef in our burgers,” the message continued, “our appreciate for our fans’ creativity is one hundred% authentic.” Ocean released a visual album Thursday evening (Limitless ) and his 2nd studio album on Saturday afternoon (Blonde ).



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