Rob Kardashian Instagram: Star Corrects Blac Chyna's Son For Cursing


Kardashian, who is acquiring ready to be a father himself as he and Chyna announced her second pregnancy earlier this summer time, was witnessed correcting Chyna’s son King Cairo on social media above the weekend. Chyna shared a video of the youngster enjoying. But he certainly gets Kardashian’s focus when he says, “Awww s***!” “What?!” Kardashian asks. The child gets quiet so Kardashian also stays silent for a handful of seconds. But the little one tries his luck and says the curse word once again. “What?” Kardashian asks 1 more time. “What’d you say?” “I said s***,” the tot says with no shame. That is when Kardashian instructs him, “No really do not say that. You cannot say that. That’s a poor word. Your mommy is gonna get actually mad at you.” King doesn’t look to comprehend but Kardashian tends to make it clear it’s a negative word. Chyna is definitely right here for Kardashian stepping in to verify King. 

She extra the caption, “I’ve had this video for a min & it cracks me up! I’ve been hesitant to publish it due to the fact I know the media would make it one thing it’s not. But idc it is also humorous my favored element is when Rob jumps out… seem at his face… But general I’m so satisfied & blessed to have Robert right here ready to support teach King correct from wrong…”



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