Kanye West’s pop up store is purchase-but-don’t-touch—and fans cannot get ample


“You break it, you get it,” is a sign that appears in quite a few stores in America. At Kanye West’s temporary shops, it’s additional like “you touch it, you get it.” The rapper launched a “pop up shop” extravaganza across 21 cities around the world. The stores will promote a clothes line that is fundamentally merchandising for West’s most current album, The Existence of Pablo. In common West style, there are some extremely rigid and peculiar rules. Initial, you can’t touch the garments. Consumers can only purchase 3 goods of any unique piece of clothing, in an hard work to combat secondhand on-line revenue. Consumers require to mark their orders on a piece of paper prior to they get in, and then they have two minutes to finalize their purchase before they have to depart the retail outlet. The stores only lets 3 folks within at all occasions. 

Judging from Instagram and Twitter, followers don’t seem to be to thoughts. They are nonetheless lining up in the streets for a glimpse of Kanye’s clothing.


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