Examine Out This Big Rattler Discovered At Kylie Jenner's Home


A big rattlesnake was spotted, captured, and beheaded at Kylie Jenner's very baller Hidden Hills mansion on Friday. $6 million can get a good deal of home, but it absolutely sure cannot assure a snake-totally free zone. In accordance to TMZ. "another person was performing yard get the job done" (we're going to take a wild guess and say that it was *not* Kylie) when the snake was discovered. LAFD was known as, and they arrived at Kylie's pad with big shovels and stick things—the faithful resources of a Calabasan executioner. In klassic Kardashian fashion, the total thing was documented via Snapchat, which TMZ says was taken by Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods. 

In the video, we see the firefighters arriving, poking around in some bushes and jabbing at it on some woodchips just before unceremoniously chopping off it's head, Boleyn-fashion. You can hear it rattling incredibly loud, as well! A poignant shot at the finish of the video exhibits the firefighter slowly strolling away with the headless snake corpse in a plastic bag. Taylor Swift, we know you are a snake. but working with parseltongue to sick your brethren and sistren on the Kardashians is no way to enact revenge. Truthfully it really is scary: this could have been you.




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