Kris In Crisis!Jenner Hands &Feet Grossly Misshapen


Jenner attempted her greatest to hide her humungous swollen hands yesterday while visiting Southern California with household members and boytoy Corey Gamble. Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. John Knight with The Hand & Wrist Institute has not taken care of Jenner, but said "It seems to be like Kris Jenner had plastic rejuvenation on her hands. It truly is referred to as Radiesse and it is a filler injected into her hands to make them appear far more youthful. The swelling need to go down in a handful of days." But according to an additional health practitioner, Jenner's swollen hands could be a signal of anything much worse! "This could be brought about by heart failure, but that is the worst case situation. The swelling could also be induced by persistent use of steroid medication, which can trigger a man or woman to swell up, as can allergic reactions," stated Dr. Anthony Youn , who has also not handled Jenner. 

Jenner underwent surgery on her right hand just lately and although she under no circumstances exposed what the situation was, Dr. Youn added, "Kris could be retaining water from a current surgical treatment or since she went off certain varieties of medicines." As Radar reported, the matriarch's stressful daily life has brought about her to achieve a tremendous amount of excess weight not long ago, creating her ankles and legs to swell up. Dr. Youn advised Radar that, due to the fact of Jenner's unwanted fat new frame, "The swelling in Kris's ankles could also be brought on by wearing excessively tight clothing." Do you assume that Kris Jenner is just gaining weigh or is something wrong? Tell us your thoughts under.


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