How Individuals Khloe Kardashian Dating Rumors Messed Up Odell Beckham Jr.'s Appreciate Lifestyle


Odell Beckham Jr. says those Khloe Kardashian rumors added some "drama" to his love lifestyle. 

Over Memorial Day Weekend, photographs of Khloe Kardashian finding cozy with professional football player Odell Beckham Jr. surfaced on the internet, resulting in the wheel of speculation to spin furiously. Rumors about the two dating emerged practically instantly ― a single tabloid even claimed the Kardashian sister was pregnant with a little one whose father may well have been Beckham ― but the reality star speedily shut them down. In a new interview with GQ, Beckham opened up about the dating rumors. explaining that they actually did additional harm than good for his enjoy daily life. “Whoever was there taking the photographs within of a private party, within of a privateer, personal-er spot of the home ― we had been in the kitchen of the residence, in which there was only, like, 15 folks. It is just sort of like … ‘dating’? I just met this person,” he mentioned. “This is maybe the second conversation we’ve had.” “Things go like that,” he extra, “and then some other girl that I might have been speaking to hears about it, and now it’s much more drama, much more commotion in my existence.


And I’m sitting here trying to describe my condition to somebody, and it is really not even a situation.”


To quote Lindsay Lohan: Beckham is tired of rumors starting, and he’s sick of being followed. He’s exhausted of folks lying and saying what they want about him. Why can not they back up off of him? Why can not they allow him live?


Since getting linked to the Kardashian sister, the football player has also been rumored to be dating actress Zendaya and singer Demi Lovato. While Lovato has still to talk about the speculation, Zendaya (along with her father ) denied the rumors and joked that Beckham was “auditioning” to be her boyfriend.


Possibly Beckham really should just hole up indoors and end receiving photographed with well known individuals.




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