Scott Disick Grabs Himself While Fawning Above Khloe Kardashian Video



Scott Disick just can’t get sufficient of the Kardashians. And now his sister of interest seems to be Khloe Kardashian!


He was caught hitting on the youngest K-sister in this surprising video!


Scott Disick was caught on camera making a rather questionable gesture to, wait for it — Khloe Kardashian. 31! We’re not positive gushing above Kourtney’s. 37, tiny sister is the way you get back in the family’s excellent graces! Did Scott Disick just grab himself even though speaking to Khloe? “Great boys in the developing tonight,” Scott yelled via his vehicle window. And in the very same breath, 1 of his hands motioned a little even more down South prior to providing a couple of squeezes. So awkward! And and as if that wasn’t crazy adequate, it sounds like Kylie Jenner. 18, was also riding about with the Lord! You can hear Kylizzle say, “hey girl” at the starting of the video. But there’s no shame in Scott’s game. He really admitted to doing it! When reports questioned the gesture, Scott quickly took to Instagram to set the record straight. “Of program,” he wrote under his a submit that posed the query “Did Scott Disick Just Grab His Crotch While Speaking To Khloe Kardashian?


Okay, Scott definitely has a way of turning every little thing into a joke. but this isn’t the 1st time he’s been caught up with a sister other than Kourt. In reality, there is been some discussion of him potentially hooking up with Kendall. 20, and Kylie.


Just not too long ago, he was spotted heading with Kylie for a bite to eat. And previously, Scott has been partying up with the two of the Jenner sisters!


Scott has been very depressed considering that Kourtney allow him go, which may possibly be purpose for all of his weird habits. Kourtney will always be a massive inspiration in my lifestyle, she was with me for ten many years and we’ve been by way of a great deal with each other. “I’m even now depressed, due to the fact I’m single and reside by myself … at the end of the day I nevertheless really like Kourtney and that is what’s important to me,” he explained on the premiere of KUWTK season 12. Aww, bad Scott!


Interestingly enough, Khloe informed Scott to move on. and that he would at some point discover some one else. But it is hard to think that when she pointed out a new some one, she was referring to herself. Scott has previously admitted to wanting to get back with each other with Kourtney, so he might want to watch where he’s putting his hands if he truly desires another shot.



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