Living Single: KhloéKardashian Has Mixed Emotions About Being Alone amid Lamar Odom Divorce


Even somebody as renowned as Khloé Kardashian gets lonely. The 31-year-previous has appreciated getting her room back given that Rob Kardashian left his massive sister's property, but Khloé does admit there are both positives and negatives to residing solo. "I love residing alone due to the fact I am a loner by nature," she wrote on her web site and app on Monday. "The ideal point about it is that I can practically just run downstairs naked and do not have to feel about it. I couldn't do that just before, with Rob and his buddies who would come above." "Just getting the freedom to do whatever I want, play the music I like and singing at residence is great. I actually like obtaining 'me' space," she additional. But the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star acknowledges that having her mansion all to herself can get lonely. "The worst issue about living alone. is that I am alone! My home is filled with people for the duration of the day. After they depart, it's quiet," the writer said. "People inquire me if I get scared, but I will not. However, I am as well content getting alone. I could stay at residence all day. I have to MAKE myself go socialize. 

I'm this kind of a Cancer and I get so comfortable. I have a lovely residence and almost everything I need to have, so I don't have to leave!" Khloé is presently moving ahead with her divorce from Lamar Odom. 36, who was lately spotted drinking alone numerous occasions just months after a near-fatal overdose last October.


In Monday's post, Khloé reminisced, "When Rob lived with me, we would view videos or Tv. We'd consume collectively and speak about stuff that took place that day. I miss individuals issues.


Even hearing people enjoying video video games in one more room was comforting. It's a large home, so to combat lonely energy, I perform music and light candles."


In January, Men and women discovered that Rob, 29, moved out of his sister's spot and moved in with his soon-to-be fiancée Blac Chyna. The pair have given that moved into a new mansion with each other and are expecting their 1st youngster with each other. Maintaining Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!



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