Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Just Took Their Twinning Style to a New Degree


You know you're really best buddies when you wear the identical hairstyle, have the identical occupation ambitions, and sometimes phase out in the same outfit. 

Kengi has accomplished all the above (true friendship!) but their most current twinning style moment may be our fave. The duo went out for a lunch date on Wednesday in West Hollywood sporting related footwear. Kendall and Gigi the two chose traditional white sneakers to offset their casual looks. However their shoe options had us seeing double, their outfits couldn't be a lot more distinct. Kendall rocked substantial-waisted pants and her signature duster coat, even though Gigi went for a laid-back search with a ripped tie-dye shirt and shorts. When you can wear two quite different outfits and nevertheless match with your bestie, it's secure to say your twinning type is next-level. These two show just how versatile white sneakers can be. Can we officially crown white sneaks the new model off duty staple? We believe so.



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