Caitlyn Jenner To De-Transition Back To Bruce Since Of Faith?


Last week, Ian Halperin, author of the upcoming "Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America's Royal Household," unveiled to The Wrap that Caitlyn Jenner may de-transition back to Bruce in the next couple of many years. Halperin also exposed that Caitlyn's ex-wife, Kris Jenner, tried to force Bruce into religious-based mostly conversion therapy, comparable to Christian homosexual conversion treatment. Considering that The Wrap write-up came out, Caitlyn had her rep come out and say that the allegations of her de-transitioning were fully false, New York Every day News reports. "Not really worth commenting on such an idiotic report," Jenner's rep informed the publication. "Of course it really is not accurate." Because Jenner's rep made that statement, Halperin came out with his own write-up for the Every day Mail, asserting his belief that Caitlyn will de-transition. He thinks that her struggle lies not with how she identifies herself, but with her religious beliefs. "Her doubts center not on her identity as a female, but her devout Christian beliefs about sexuality," writes Halperin. "Caitlyn stays attracted to women but as a Christian believes very same-sex relationships are sinful. It is that struggle, I can disclose, which has prompted her to confide in buddies — and the cause why they have told me that she might de-transition in the potential." "I think there is a likelihood she'll de-transition in the next couple of years. 

I don't believe it would surprise anybody in her inner circle," Halperin mentioned a friend of Caitlyn's told him.


According to the write-up, Caitlyn was in the procedure of transitioning many years ago, but then Bruce met Kris Kardashian.


At that level, Kris produced him reconsider turning out to be a woman. He had dimension 36B breasts at that point from taking hormones, and he had to get them removed for the relationship to move forward. According to Page 6. Halperin spoke to a NCAA coach who told him that Kris attempted to end him from transitioning. '[Kris] had influenced him to suppress his need to be a lady for all people years. 'She informed him he must pray,' and 'that the church could aid him heal,'" Halperin stated. Halperin noted that this sounded "suspiciously like conversion treatment."



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